SPAIN 2024


In MID 2024, we will be at a Conscious Farm & Hotel in sunny Spain:
Five days and four nights
Arrival date: TBD
Departure date: TBD

This historical ‘Conscious Farm’ is a fabulous location to relax, learn,
reflect and communicate peacefully.

You will develop skills that not only enhance your day-to-day modeling life, but you’ll also acquire tools that eliminate stress,
allowing a balanced professional life from which to operate every day.

What is included:
* Your accommodation (spacious rooms)
* All courses and four digital photos taken by Klaus Roethlisberger, a celebrity photographer who worked in Fashion many decades.
*Three vegetarian meals (light at night)

Not included but can be arranged:
* Your flights
* Your pick up and drop off at the Madrid International Airport
(Pick up can be arranged by request for US$60 per person, or less depending on how many will ride)
* Holistic treatments and massages will be available.

Who is teaching:
Ana Lucia Alves
Klaus Roethlisberger
Daily Program at the bottom

Ana Lucia by Klaus


Room prices are in British Pounds and per person
‘Early Birds’ gets 10% discount

A type:
Lovely room for two with bathroom: £950 (per person)
Most rooms have garden view.

B type:
Very comfortable room with bathroom fitting up to 3 persons: £850
Most rooms have garden view.

C type:
Very comfortable room with shared bath (up to 7): £600
Most rooms have garden view.

‘Early Birds’ gets 10% discount
Booking in full up to March 1st.

Please write to us here to reserve. And remember to let us know which room you wish to book/reserve. Many thanks.
You can book/pay in full or if you wish to reserve/secure your place, we request £100 non refundable deposit. The remainder to be fully paid 40 days before the starting date.
Thank you!


Day One:
Introduction to your Fascia & BowSpring Yoga style 45m
Benefits of Yoga Mantra & Meditation (focus enhancing techniques)
Contemporary vibrational enhancing techniques
* Models’ Work Ethics 2 hours (details upon request)
Hiking (not obliged)

Day Two:
Fascia (BowSpring Yoga style) 45mins
Chanting Yoga (focus enhancing and self-control)
Introduction to Pranayam (breathing exercises) 30mins
* Models’ Work Ethics 2 hours
Acoustic instrument playing & dancing (not obliged)
Hiking or swimming (not obliged)

Day Three:
Fascia (BowSpring Yoga style) 45mins
Refining your intent for further holistic success 30mins
* Models’ Work Ethics 2 hours
Hiking or swimming (not obliged)
Chanting Yoga & Acoustic instrument playing & dancing around a fire (not obliged)

Day Four (last day):
Fascia (BowSpring Yoga style) 45mins
How to do your Mantra Chanting alone 30mins
Intention and goal setting for assured & continuous progress 30mins
* Models’ Work Ethics rap up – 1 hour
Farewell lunch